Adult Friend Finder is definitely your one-stop shop which provides all there is to be provided by any hookup site. It brings to your door step a wide range of choices and preferences. You can venture deeper and seek choices based on your own preferences or you can even interact with users having a wide range of other preferences which may have been less familiar to you.

This site has a higher degree of profiles which contain a larger range of explicit content or pictures. This site simply screams of casual and easy to get hook ups. It functions under the flagship of Adult Friend Finders Network and has been boon for all the people who are interested in having casual hookups online or even in person.


  • Adult Friend Finder is an established legit website since 1996 & packing millions of users worldwide.

  • The feature called What’s Hot lets you interact with the hottest profile user who is trending currently on the site. This lets you be on top of things and trends.

  • There are a wide range of search options which could cater to almost any kind of whims and fancies of any man. There is a plethora of options for discovery, communication and online bling.


  • There is a lack of data driven matching system. The site does not have any robust algorithm.

  • As a hook up app, Adult Friend Finder does not offer any elaborate questionnaire which will help you match your profile with other users. No algorithm can function or even suggest partners. It becomes very difficult to find a compatible partner.

Adult Friend Finder Review

adult friend finder review

This dating site can be said to be the unfiltered oasis of sexual encounters and singles. Actually you may not even be a single person. What is important is that you just be interested in intimate sexual counters.


1. Adult Friend Finder is Special!

Adult Friend Finder has all the basic features of a typical online dating site but what really sets it apart is the fact that it also provides a ton of extra tools as well. There are certain features which make the entire experience more interactive and stimulating. The site incorporates a good amount of detail regarding the information of various social media communities or even p**n sites. This information is available on personal blogs.

This interface acts as a platform through which you can easily live stream from sites. Other resources are also a click away from such sites. They provide some important dating advices (mostly senual advices). They also offer an option to join an academy which gives a course on fling advice.


Members on this dating platform can either be passive or active users. You can choose to only browse and not make contact with any of the other user or you could also create a personal favorite hotlist of some of your favorite members. You can be a more active user by engaging in virtual love. In order to do this you could use an exclusive feature called the Connexion feature.

This enables you to indulge in digital as well as physical connection. You can send in some sensations via some of the paired s** toys. I mean this site has taken the realm of artificial intelligence to another level.

However it also depends on how much money you spend. This is directly proportional to which level of active or passive user you may be. It will be fairly difficult for a new user to initiate any sort of a conversation. However if you do want to be a free user my take is that you very prudently, with a play of words, fill up your profile. Think about what photos would lead you to a jackpot quiet literally and give your profile a bit of a boost and all you have to do is wait patiently till others contact you.

3. They Vouch For Customer’s Satisfaction 

The Adult FriendFinder vouches to satisfy all your whims and fancies that you have ever had regarding sensual encounters. It also a point system, a bling and tips system and lets you have virtual sensual encounters using your favorite sex toys with a model. This just keeps getting exciting by each passing day.

4. The Point System

The dating site operates on a point system which further helps to gamify the entire dating system and makes the entire process more pleasurable and fun to indulge yourself into. This also gives a boost to all kind of sexual imagination you can ever have. But everything has a price and so the imagination can run as wild as you want it to run and how much money are you willing to pay also.

So, how exactly do you earn these points?

You can either earn these points by indulging in some kind of an activity on site or you could simply buy these points using your credit card.


In every typical you would use these points to buy some ammunition or some other extra amenities. So in this site, you use these points to ‘tip’ some member updates or to view some member images or even some other member video which you might like.

Now Bling is such a catchy word!

You can use these points to buy Bling. These Bling are basically badges. Using these batches you could view any number of naughty videos. This is also your gateway to get or purchase free membership prizes or even gets access to membership months. This will allow you to get an access to certain sites of the dating site.

6. Premium Membership is GOLD

The thing about premium membership is that it opens up windows to pretty much all sorts of social interactive interfaces for any user who plans on spending more or less than $20 dollars a month. This amount can further be reduced if the user plans on getting a different for a longer duration of time.

In order to use all the bling features and extra attractions added by the owners you must and it is advisable that you become a paid subscriber to Adult Friend Finder. Being a paid member you will be able to contact any user, no restriction there. Although you will be charged more barring the subscription fee if you wish to watch of the video sections.

You will get as much as you want to pour in. I mean you will have to let loose your coffers. This site will treat you well only if you can pay up. They are directly related.


1. Pay More For More

You could be duped or rather, you may be paying for a premium subscriptions but even that subscription may not be able to cover some of the additional yet extremely features which are provided by this site. This includes model videos or even purchased points or the exclusive sex academy videos.

2. Lack of Research

Enough research has not been done. Maybe since they hardly collect any sort of data. Considering this shortcoming, the users barely have any idea of the male to female ratio of users. This may not come off as a major setback however, there is no database if things go wrong or there is no tab of any sort of information which might direct towards inefficiency.

How to Get Started With Adult Friend Finder?

adult friend finder

There is a simple set up that you need to follow in order to sign up for adult Friend Finder. There are 5 steps that you must follow. They are as follows:

  • First off all you will need to fill in is your sexual orientation and what all interests or preferences you would like to pursue while using this best dating app

  • Next, you must fill a blurb which consists of about 18 characters. This blurb will be like a bio.

  • Go ahead and make the necessary changes in the option which is called Cupid preferences. This will narrow down your search options and will present you with very specific options based on your choices, fetish, location, appearance, etc. 

  • In your homepage there will be tons of provocative banners and ads and you can browse through the navigation bar which will be present at the top of the screen. Now, there will be an option called ‘What’s New’.

  • This option will keep you updated in every way and will showcase which all profiles are new ones or what all additions have been made. All these will feature based solely on the preferences that you have enlisted. 

  • There is also an option called Live Action. The name itself indicates that this option will be the live chat room which you enjoy using.


adult friendfinder review

This site involves a little bit of work from the side of the users. But looking at such a huge number of users and rapid activity going on, you will never find it a problem to get a suitable partner. However the kind of money that you constantly have to pour in may just not be everyone’s cup of tea.

In order to fully use you will be required to pay a premium subscription. If you are a free user, you are more or less a passive user. You cannot make much contact.
Even if you pay for a premium membership it might not be enough after all. To view some of the other videos you will have to loosen your pockets a little bit more and pay a little more.

Also the site barely collects any kind of data from the users and that is a disadvantage considering there is no proper algorithm that would match us up with the appropriate kind of users. You are literally looking for a needle in hay.

This might not have a very strong algorithm system in place to hook you up with some other partner but the meat of the matter is it has morphed the adult dating site into a gaming site making the entire process of finding a suitable partner more exciting. You have a point system, you can have virtual sex, and you get relationship advice as well. These advice will however be more sexual in nature. That gives without saying.

This site works best for people who are willing to spend more. Even if you get a premium subscription, in order to view some of the other videos or profiles or pictures you will have to pay up a little more. You can choose for yourself how active or passive kind of a user you want to be.

The explicit sexual content that this site presents any user is unprecedented and even if it does have flaws pertaining to the match making, it covers that up in the sheer options that it provides.

This is our review of adult friend finder. We want you to share your experience in the comment section because it will help us to form one of the most constructive adult friend finder review.